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BT-51 Wireless Security Sensor Alarm With 2 Remote Control Keys, Adjustable Wall Mounting Bracket

776.00 1200.00

This Motion Sensor Alarm is ideal for protecting your property against unwelcome intruders. It can be situated to cover the front door, back door, garage, shed, outbuildings etc. It is also suitable for use on caravans and motor homes. built in PIR motion sensor that will activate the alarm if any movement is detected. It is simple to fit, there are no wires to connect, just put the required batteries in, fix to a suitable surface and turn it on using one of the supplied remote control. Use: Occasion: Home, Office, Shed, garage, store; protecting your property against unwelcome intruders.

Specification: 1)Power Supply : 4 x 1.5 AA VDC normal Battery�s or 6 2)VDC adapter Slot 3)Detection Distance : Max 6 Meter (<24Deg C) 4)Static Current : < 3 milli Amp 5)Detection Range : 110 Dgr 6)Detection Motion Speed : 0.6~1.5 M/s 7)Alarm Current: <100 MAmp 8)Alarm Sound :105 Db 9)Working Temp: 20~40 Deg C