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BT-T4 Digital Programmable PID Temperature Controller with Dual Display

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Digital PID Temperature Controller Note: The product model is C100FK02-M*AN. 1)Cut Out Size Of Panel: Approx. 45x 45mm/ 1.77x 1.77inch 2)Size: Approx. 110x 48x 48mm/ 4.33x 1.89x 1.89inch 3)Power : AC 220V 50/60HZ 4)Color: Black Features: 1)Measuring accuracy: �0.5%FS 2)Cold-end compensation tolerance: �2C can be modified by software in 0~50C 3)Resolution: 14 bit 4)Sampling cycle: 0.5 Sec 5)Dimensions:48 x 48 x 110 (mm) �0.2mm 6)Process value (PV), Setting value (SV) 7)Output, alarm and self-tuning can be indicated by: LED 8)PIN control (including ON/OFF, step-type PID and continuous PID) 9)Self-tuning control 10)Relay output: contact capacity 250V AC 3A (resistive load) 11)Alarm function output: 1 way 12)Contact capacity of output: 250V AC 3A (resistive load) 13)Setting value (SV): identical to measuring range (PV) 14)Proportional band (P): 0~full range (ON/OFF control when set to 0) 15)Integral time (I): 0~3600 sec (No integral action when set to 0) 16)Derivative time (D): 0~3600 sec (No derivative action when set to 0) 17)Heat-reset proportional cycle: 1~100 sec 18)Detective temperature range 0 to 400C 19)Insulation resistance: >50M ohm(500V DC) 20)Insulation resistance: 1500V AC/min 21)Power Consumption: 10 VA 22)Service environment: 0~50C, 23)environment with no corrosive gas 30~85% RH