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BT-T1 230V AC LED Digital Temperature Controller with Thermocouple Sensor

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Digital Display LED Temperature Controller With Thermocouple Sensor. Note: This model is Digital XH-W3001 All-Purpose Temperature Controller Thermostat Sensor AC 220V 1)Voltage: AC 230V 2)LED Display Color:Red 3)Temperature Control Range: -50-110�C 4)Output Capacity: 10A 5)Size: 5.5 x 3.8 x 3.2cm Features: 1)Temperature measurement, display, refrigeration, heating control. 2)Temperature setting upper and lower limits. 3)Simple operation, suitable for seafood machines. 4)Easy to install. Applications: 1)Incubator Heater 2)Water Heater 3)Floor Heating 4)Refrigerator 5)Greenhouse 6)Basement Garage 7)Shed 8)Aquarium Heater

Specifications: 1)Measurement range: - 50�C - 110�C 2)Control range: - 50�C - 110�C 3)Measuring accuracy: plus or minus 0.2 �C 4)Control precision: plus or minus 0.1 �C 5)Measuring input: NTC10K L= 1 m waterproof probe 6)Power: 1500W 7)Input voltage: 220V 8)Current: Max 10A 9)Size: 60 x 45 x 30mm