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BT-61B1 LPG Gas Leak Detector

846.00 1800.00

Features: � CE, EN50194 approved Gas Leak Detector/Alarm; � 5 years lifetime, high accurate hot wire type sensor � Detects Natural Gas, LPG, and Coal Gas etc. Combustible Gases � Power Supply : 110V or 220V AC � Power, Fault and Alarm Indictors: Power (Green), Alarm( Red) , Fault (Yelow) � 10% LEL sensitivity � Simple installation, ceiling or wall mounted � Sound and Flash Alarm, (85 decibel) � Auto Test/reset button; Other Details: 1)Lpg Gas Leak Detector 2)Fault warning 3)Green, Yellow, Red LED lights 4)Connect with shut off valve 5)CE, EN50194