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BT-7123 Gas LPG Alarm Device Sensor System

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Wall Mounted Gas Detector Product Introductions: The Product is wall mounted gas detector with high stability(Herein after called detector).It is used for detecting leaking gas.Advanced semiconductor sensor is adopted to ensure high stability & long life.It is convenient for mounting.The product is suitable for the safety of residential house,vilas,hotels,markets,boarding house etc. Features: 1)High reliabilty sensor 2)Auto reset after alarm 3)MCU processing adopted 4)Auto detect sensor failure 5)Induced gas-naturalgas/LPG 6)SMT Design, High Stability

Technical Specifications: 1)Operating Voltage:DC9-16V or AC220V 2)Warm-Up Time:about 120S 3)Alarm level:10%LEL 4)Alarm Indicator:red LED Flashes 5)Sound Level:85 Operating Temperature: -10to+50 Degree 6)Installation Mode: Wall Mounted 7)Alarm Output: Relay Output/Sound & Flash Alarm 8)Radio Distance:100m in open area(Wireless Type) 9)Outline Size:110*70*40mm