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BT-41P1 Day/Nights Auto on and Off Photocell LDR Switch (White)

326.00 800.00

This Product is a Energy Saving Device, It Can Turn On Or Turn Off Light By Automatically According To Ambient-Light. It Can Control The Load Working At Night. It Can Control The Load Working Only At Night. You Can Use This Sensor In Road Lights, Street Lights, Garden Lights, Passage, Front Gate Or Main Door Lights, Pole Light, Incandescent Lamp, Led Lights And All Other Kinds Of Lamps Up to 10 Amp Etc. Applications : 1)Street Light 2)Garden Lights 3)Incandescent lamp 4)Led lights 5)Balcony Lights 6)Outdoor Lights Quality Control Standards : 1)Operating Volt: AC 220-250V 50Hz-60Hz. 2)Rated Current:10 Amp 3)Ambient Light: 5-50 LUX (Adjuestable) 4)Working Temp: -20~+40 degC Street Light, Garden Lights, Incandescent lamp, LED lights and all other kinds of lamps. Photocell Sensor Installation The light, such as incandescent lamp which emits high heat should be kept from the switch, at least one meter, or it will be turn on/off voluntarily. On being fixed to the wire first time, the switch' initialization will take 1-3 minutes. It's natural for the switch to turn on/off voluntarily. When you install the switch on daytime, the default state of the switch will make the light off. Please keep the detector of the switch from illumination, and then the light will turn on. The darker, the switch will be more sensitive. If it is not very sensitive, turn the yellow port counter-clockwise with a long and thin tool to get a proper light sensitivity. Switch off the power. Connecting the wire as per the following figure. Please install the item with the correct orientation (see figure A) what shows in the metal bracket and according to the correct installation place with the enclosed inflated screws. Connection wiring: Brown : Line Blue : Neutral Red : Load