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BT-81U-1 220~240 Volt AC Auto Day/Night LDR Sensor Switch for Lighting, 5.2x2.2x2.8cm (Black)

326.00 600.00

Use: Street light, garden lights, incandescent lamp, led lights and all other kinds of lamps. Quality Control Standard : 1)Operating volt: ac 220-250v 50hz-60hz. 2)Rated current: 5 amp 3)Ambient light: < 10-65 lux 4)Working temp: -20~+40 degc 5)Working humidity: < 93% rh Connection wiring: 1)Black:line 2)White:neutral 3)Red: load Automatic outdoor light remot : with the photocell light sensor, the outdoor lighting remote control can sense the amount of sunlight and automatically switches on at dusk and off at dawn; this saves you the trouble of having to remember to switch it off at certain times. Outdoor lighting controller for home safety : This outdoor light controller automates lights, lamp posts or lanterns in the driveway and entryway so that your house will be well-lit and will less likely attract burglars. Automatic sensor light control switch/ it can use street light, garden lights, incandescent lamp, led lights.