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BT-61F1 Battery Powered Motion Sensing LED Night Light (White)

590.00 1200.00

LED Night Light Battery Powered Motion Sensing LED Stick Anywhere Wall Room, Hallway, Bathroom, Stairs Battery-operated led motion sensor lights that turn on and off automatically. Installs indoors or outdoors without wires to light up stairs, hallways, bathrooms, decks, boats and many other dark areas. Bright led never needs replacing. Weatherproof design holds up through rain and snow. Motion sensor detects at 15 to activate light. Automatic shut off turns light off after 30 seconds. Can be used for corridors, bedrooms, living room and other needs of night lighting; use a wide range, easy to install. Features : Three mode you can choose auto/off/on. It you will select auto it will turn on after detecting a motion near to sensor in dark area. It will auto turn off after 20 sec if there no motion near to sensor. It selects on mode it will always turn on . How to install : Double-sided adhesive on the hanging plate Load the aa battery into the product Paste the adhesive plate to the wall where to be illuminated.