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BT-41D1 250VAC/16Amp Digital LCD Display Programmable Control Counter/Time Timer Relay Switch: DIN Rail Type (Warranty 6 months)

796.00 1200.00

This timer switch could automatic turn on/off all kinds of electric equipment according to the time user set. It has a built-in rechargeable battery and a industrial grade chip. With high precision and strong anti-interference ability, the timer switch is great for controlling street lamps, neon lamps, production equipment, radio and television and many other home appliances. Instruction: When you use the timer switch for the first time, input AC and charge the inbuilt battery please, then press reset button. The timer switch is at 24-hour mode as default. Press and hold "time" button(bottom left, next to "reset") for 5 seconds till it display "AM" to set to 12-hour mode. Press and hold again "time" button for 5 seconds to set back to 24-hour mode. Full time clock setting (see more at User manual )

Specifications: 1)Input Voltage: 230 Volt 2)Contact Voltage Rating: AC 180V to 260V(50/60Hz) 3)Load Capacity: 16A 250VAC(resistive load) 4)On/Off Operation: 16 on and 16 off(manual/auto) 5)Display: LCD 6)Power: 4.5VA(max) 7)Mounting Method: DIN rail(not included) 8)Bound: 1 min to 168 hours 9)Operating Temperature: -10? to 55? 10)Size: 86 x 36 x 65mm / 3.38 x 1.41 x 2.56" 11)Quantity: 1