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BT-12 230V Timer Switch /Automatic Switch Socket for Mobile Chargers & other Electronic Stuff/ Plug & Play use (Time:15 Mins to 8 Hrs)

626.00 1200.00

It is Plug & Play Timer Socket. This socket product programe control by Chip set (MCU), It can be to set OFF only for specific time period. Time setting range: Min 15 Min to 15 Hours 45 Mins. Scope Of Applications: Household appliances ON/OFF regularly such as Water Machine, Water Heater, Air Conditioning, electric cooker, Advertising display Lights For Mobile charges, Counters, betters, etc dogmatic appliance. Areas with pick valley price difference, it can use high-power electrical appliances automatically at range. Automatic control home anti-theft systems. Features: 1)It is design for simple plug and play operations with time slots15 Mins to 8 Hrs 45 Min. 2)Energy-saving electronic timer programming. 3)LED indication by timing slots 4)Color: White 5)Item size: 677*67*35mm 6)Net weight:93 Gm Quality Control Standards: 1)Opeating Volt: 220 Volt/ 50 Hz 2)Output Current: 10 Amp 3)Min Setting time: 15 Min 4)Operating Temperature: 20 to + 80 Deg C 5)Current Cunsumption: 0.015MAmm 6)Relartive Humidity: less than 95% 7)Socket Type: Indian Standard