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BT-31S Ajustable 360 Degree Infrared Motion PIR Sensor with E26/E27/E22 Holder Socket switch (Ceiling mounted only)

649.00 1000.00

PIR Sensor With holder Function: Automatically turns light on when entering and off after exiting the room with adjustable time delay Extra holder suitable Indian holders std & Fit for 100V-250V & Max wattage up to 60W, , perfectly for basement, pantry room, storage room etc, suitable for various demands in your daily life. Fues-free Safety Assurance: Anti-burning plastic material, heat dissipation and reliable safety, less worry about fires caused by over heating Simple to Install: No extra tools needed, easy and fast to install by several screws, make the installation literally a breeze, save the cost for electrician Note: It recommend for Ceiling mounted applications only not for wall holder it reducing a range & it covers 12 months warranty. Features: 1)Automatic switch, no human operation, energy-saving and environmental. 2)Senses movement in all directions, 360 degrees. Lights up to 60 watts. 3)Detect human body by infrared sensor technology, create convenience for people's activity.

Specifications: 1)Detection Angle: 360� 2)Detection Range: < 5 Mtr (22-24?? 3)Time Delay Setting: 10s-300 Sec(adjustable) 4)Power Source: 110-240V/AC 5)Power Frequency: 50/60Hz 6)Rated Load: <60W 7)Ambient Light: <3-2000LUX (adjustable) 8)Installation Height: 2-3.5 Mtr