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BT-991A Ceiling Mounted PIR Motions Sensor with High Detection Range


The advanced white 360� Surface-Mounted PIR Sensor from Powermaster is perfect for adding additional security as well as peace of mind to your home. For indoor use, the surface-mounted PIR Sensor can be added to your spotlights as well as your track lighting and will switch these on automatically at the detection of movement. Gone are the days of light switches. Just install one of these handy PIR sensors and your lights will switch on as soon as someone enters the room. Product Installation: 1)Keep sensor unit 1.6 mtr higher from the ground level. 2)The light, such as incandescent lamp which emits high heat should be kept from the switch aways, or it will be turn on/off voluntarily. 3)On being fixed to the wire first time, the switch' initialization will take 1-2 minutes. It's natural for the switch to turn on/off voluntarily. 4)When you install the switch on daytime, the default state of the switch will make the light off.Keep the detector of the switch from illumination, & then the light will turn on. The darker, the switch will be more sensitive. If it is not very sensitive, turn the yellow port counterclockwise with a long and thin tool to get a proper light sensitivity.

Technical Specifications: 1)Operating volt: ac 220-250v 50hz-60hz. 2)Load power: upto 300/1200w max 3)Ambient light: 3-2000 (adjuestable) 4)Load type: incandescent lamp, led light, clf, fans, 5)Detecting distance: 16m 6)Detecting angle: 360 degree. 7)Installtion height: 2.2-4 mtr 8)Motion detection speed: 0.6~1.5m/s 9)Power cusumption:0.1w (static) & 0.4(work) 10)Working humidity: less than 93%rh 11)Delay: 10 seconds -7 minutes (adjustable)