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BT-163 Wireless Modular Remote Switch for 3 Lights and 1 Fans(Humming less)

1849.00 2600.00

Wireless Remote Control Switching System for 3 Lights & 1 Fan Modular Fit Indian made automation device to controlling your switches by wireless Remote & Manual both. Do not need to change any wiring. Use:House, Office, Shops, Hospitals, Restaurants, etc. Features: 1)Power ON/OFF Indication & Fan speed Indication in digits 2)Built in memory remembers last state. 3)Use Manual & remote both 4)Easy to operate Quality Control Standars: 1)Load Capacity : 300 Watt 2)Fan Speed Regulation: (+0 to -4 Steps) 3)Remote operating Voltage Lithium Cell CR2032 3Volt 4)Remote operating Distance : 10 Met