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BT-16D Wireless Remote Control Switch System for 4 Lights and 1 Fan with Speed Display

876.00 1600.00

"Blackt Electrotech: Wireless Remote Control Switching System for Lights & Fan with Speed Regulation/Dimmer" It is Indian made automation device to controlling your switches by wireless Remote & Manual both. It can install your existing switch board inside or Outside. Do not need to change any wiring. Use: 1) Rooms Particularly at Halls, Bed Rooms, and Kitchens etc. 2)Non-reachable range for small kids or Hidden swith boards. 3)Conference or Auditoriums halls. 4)Can be operated by physically handicapped persons. 5)Hospitals, clinics, Restaurants, shops 6)Automation, Security, Industrial other use. Advantages: 1)Prevents children from risk of electric shock and short circuit. 2)System saves unnecessary wiring and switches cost of 2 way switching. 3)Spark less and contact less switching increases switches life. Updated Features: 1)Inbuilt memory remembers last state. 2)Relay based ckt 3)Wattage Capacity 4)Highly durable power supply. 5)fluctuation free (flickers diffrent lights) 6)Now it can install inside or outside switch board 7)1 Sq mm copper wire & Outter case Quality Control Standards: 1)Total Lights control points: 4 Points on/off. 2)Fan Control Points: 1 Speed Regulations(7 Speed Steps) 3)Max Watt/Pt: 1000 Watt. 4)Remote operating Voltage : DC 3 Volts AAA Batteries . 5)Remote operating Distance 42 Feets Package Includes: Sensor Unit Inches ,Remote ,Warranty Card,Installation Boucher ,Bill .